Adblock for Google Chrome 3.4.0

Use this extension to block ads on websites and pre-ads on YouTube on your Chrome browser

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    Browser tools

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    for Google Chrome 3.4.0

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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    6.3 (1008)

Adblock for Chrome is a free tool that blocks all the ads that you see online. Running this program lets you focus on the content that you want to see and not the ads on those pages.

Google and other companies give website owners the chance to make money through affiliate marketing. Those owners run ads that entice readers to click through and buy one of the products shown. They then get a percentage of the sale price. Site owners also get a small amount of money each time someone views a site. With Adblock for Chrome, you can decide which sites you want to view in full and which sites you want to block ads on.

Though other free programs will work on ads that show photos, those programs won't work on videos. This free ad blocker will actually block video ads though. When you watch any video on YouTube, you must sit through a short video ad first. While some only last for 20 seconds or less, others run for a few minutes. Those ads will come back as you keep watching videos. With this program, you can block all those ads and still watch any videos that you want to see.

Many users will like the filter option. If you have pages that you find useful and want to support the developers behind those sites, you can use the filter list and let the blocker know that you want to see ads on those pages. You also have the option of using the filter list to change the type of ads you want to block.

This is also easy to use because it features a slider bar. When you load a new site and want to block ads on it, you'll slide this bar to the right. The further you slide it, the more ads it will block. You can see what the page looks like without those ads and adjust the bar until the site looks good to you. Adblock will then save those settings for any future visits you make to that site.

Another good reason to use Adblock is that it lets you add a simple and convenient button to your toolbar. Whenever you visit a new site, you can click on that button and load the slider bar. This makes it easy for you to block ads on any new sites you want to visit. It also has an option that will stop the download of any ads to the page. If you want a good free ad blocking program for your browser, you'll want Adblocker for Chrome.


  • Works on all types of ads
  • Allows you to skip ads that play before videos
  • Has a filter option that lets you pick what sites you want to support
  • Can add a button right to your toolbar


  • May not work on all sites
  • Can keep some pages from loading or working properly

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